What does AVP stand for?

The Alternatives to Violence Project.

What does AVP do?

The Alternatives to Violence Project is an all volunteer organization that exists solely for the purpose of conducting conflict resolution workshops.

How did AVP start? 

The Alternatives to Violence Project began in Greenhaven State Prison in New York  in 1975 as a collaboration between Quakers, many of whom had been involved in the non-violent civil rights and social action protests of the ’60s and ’70s, and a group of inmates needing help to mentor under-age juvenile offenders.  The program was so successful that the workshops spread throughout the New York state prison system and training manuals were developed.  Since then, AVP workshops have been conducted in many state prisons, as well as communities, schools, and countries around the world, wherever people encounter violence.

Where is AVP located?

AVP is located all over the world and has the potential to exist anywhere that conflict is present. There are chapters in New York, Kenya, Rwanda, South America, Indiana, and many,  many more places.  To learn more, check out avpusa.org or avpinternational.org.

Where is AVP located in Indiana?

Facilitators have been trained both in Richmond, Indiana and in Indianapolis, Indiana.  In fact, AVP Indiana recently trained the first Indiana inside facilitators at IREF.

What does IREF stand for?

Indianapolis Reentry and Educational Facility

How do I join?

Anyone can join by taking a Basic AVP workshop, which lasts between 18-22 hours, usually over a weekend (either Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or Saturday and Sunday).

For further questions, please contact us at avpindiana@gmail.com!

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